Why tailored shoes are totally worth it - From comfort to style

Why tailored shoes are totally worth it - From comfort to style
Men's tailored shoes are more comfortable and unique as well as other benefits.

I am most definitely a tailored shoe convert!

Having started to purchase tailored shoes, I can tell you they are superior for a variety of reasons.

Parts of a man's shoe.

They are extremely comfortable

For some reason, I always felt that when I bought shoes from the store the fit was not 100%. Whether it was the topline, the vamp ,the width, the material; it just did not feel like a shoe one would want to wear the whole day (Of course this is subjective, as I am sure there are upmarket brands and shoes that are extremely well-made).

This all changed when I started with tailored shoes, for the following reasons:

The shoe is custom fitted to your foot. So the artisan will not just measure the sole, but the heel, the bridge, the instep. This ensures that the shoe fits and adjusts well to all areas of the foot.
The best part in my opinion, you get to choose the materials! So you can choose leathers that are super soft, like I did. To be honest this is what changed it for me, beyond the colour being beautiful the leather was comfortable. With the combination of being customised for my foot, I can tell you I could walk in those shoes the whole day.

Styling benefits

With tailor made shoes you get to choose the colour and styles. This would include the type and feel of material, from the soles, to the leather and the style of the shoe. So some examples would be that you can choose to have the toe cap rounded or pointed, or you may want a chukka boot version with no laces. There are many variations you can combine, which makes this fun and rewarding once you see the final product.

Luxury tip 1 - Try out having the sole of the shoe being done in leather for smart shoes and try not to use a plastic sole. If the leather sole is slippery you can add grip pads.
Luxury tip 2 - Attempt to make a matching belt with the same leather material.

Great value and supporting artisans

With a tailor made shoe you are getting a high quality product that could be more cost effective than that same quality shoe from a brand, which will have a higher price tag because of the brand prestige.

You are also supporting small artisans, which I feel is important in the creative space as we want to have many different types of styles and designs out there and people making them.

It is made to your taste and therefore you cherish it.

Because you have had some input in the design and seen the process of how it was made and by whom, you tend to cherish the item more.

How should you get them made and what should the pricing be?

Obviously, you have to research the artisan or company you want to work with and make sure you are happy with their style of work. In terms of pricing this varies on the materials, but also where the shoes are being made, as these are handmade products.

If possible, definitely try a pair out and see if it is something that resonates with you.

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