Abstract Digital Artists Vol 1.

Abstract Digital Artists Vol 1.
This is a selection of abstract digital artists chosen for their unique styles and interesting play of colours in their artworks.

Mical Noelson

Mical Noelson's digital approach mirrors his physical art process, working on multiple pieces simultaneously, editing them in waves to distill raw moments and gestures. He incorporates text, often from mythological stories, historical events, or contemporary life, to ground his abstract explorations, aiming for a poetic narrative that complements his physical mark-making.

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Mical's artworks are characterized by physicality, leaving traces of pressed fingerprints, scratches, and gestures to create an uncanny relic that draws the viewer's eye, suggesting a history beyond its newness. The titles and descriptions of his works are often sourced from his dense sketchbooks, adding layers of meaning and misdirection.

Jake Andrew

Since childhood, Jake Andrew has been drawn to the emotional impact and the ability of these art forms to forge meaningful bonds. This fascination remains a driving force as he transforms his emotional reactions to color and sound into compelling artworks, whether in digital or traditional formats.

Holly Herbet

An abstract artist working physically and digitally.

Sara Di Lella

Sara Di Lella is an Italian abstract artist who follows her intuition and creates colourful art.

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