Work from Home in Style: Sophisticated Home Office Ideas for the Modern Man

Work from Home in Style: Sophisticated Home Office Ideas for the Modern Man
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Your home office should be created in a manner that inspires you, creates comfort, a place to conjure up ideas; a space where you are putting your dent in the universe!

Designing your home office is a great opportunity to implement your taste and mould your working environment in ways that are useful to you. This is your personal space, that should not be mingled with other elements of personal life; it is a sacred room from which you operate and are making impactful changes in the world. So you should design it as such. There are important concepts to bear in mind and elements you need to add to create that sophisticated environment from which to operate from.

Textures and Materials

When we look at various principles of interior design like Feng Shui, materials and textures play a vital role in your setup. A plain room with a plastic chair may not be enticing , but when you envision a leather sofa chair with a wooden table in the corner with a fountain or simulated fireplace, you get a different emotion. This is because you are a sentient being and it is important to add different materials and textures in your office, as they will evoke different sensations and stimulate your mind. Feng Shui, for example, highlights the importance of the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood) in your space. I use Feng Shui to highlight the difference it makes in having an assortment of different textures and materials that can create harmony and balance in your space, with your taste and style added to it. So bear this in mind when it comes to your furniture and accessories.

Colour Themes

We are visual creatures, and colour is something you need to consider in your home office design. One needs to choose a colour scheme that is aesthetic and where the colours tonality complement each other. As an example, you may want to think about neutral colours like grey and beige, and combinations that can assimilate into that palette. You have to see what else you are going to have in the room and how its colour will balance with your theme. To give you an idea, you can never go wrong with white furniture and green plants. Know your palette and adjust your choice of colours to this.


You may be someone who enjoys working in one part of the house and taking calls in the other. In this instance it does not have to be one room you work in but specific areas that energise you. So you can select certain spaces and adjust them based on what you like doing there.

Quality of Furniture and Fabrics

The quality of the things you are going to put into your office matters. This is your space that defines you. You want it to be comfortable but also motivate you, so make sure to select well made pieces and fabrics that you are going to cherish and enjoy using.

Fridge and Coffee Machine

These are great things to have that should be easily accessible to you in your office. It is useful to have these at hand so you don't have someone walking in bringing you coffee when you are on an important phone call, everything is there for you. Also helps to have a fridge with your favourite snacks and drinks so you don’t have to think too much about it.


Plants are essential! They make a world of difference in setting how a room looks and will positively impact how you feel. When selecting what plants you want make sure to understand what it takes to maintain them; as some may be easy to handle, while others may need more attention. For example, a Bonsai in an office looks gorgeous, but it needs to be well cared for. Some other plant suggestions are Peace Lilies, Snake Plants, Bamboo and Aloe Vera, these are examples of some of the many plants one can choose from.

Water Features

Fountains and similar water features bring tranquillity and auspiciousness to your work environment. The benefits of water features are that they look beautiful and their sound is very therapeutic.


This is a fundamental aspect of any living space and needs to be thought through well when setting up. The colour and style of lighting is what sets the room and can alter your mood. You might want to add yellow desk lamps and lights in the corners, but also use mood lights; as different colours like red, orange and green have various mood altering properties. For example red lights tend to be more calming, while green lights are soothing. So one can play around with various colours to create that desired effect.


A full body mirror is good to have as you may be teleconferencing and it is important to always look on point. You can also use the mirror to practice how you present, posture and evaluate your facial expressions.

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Video Conference Area

A dedicated setup for your video meetings is something worth having already there for you to work. As you don't want to keep rearranging your desk for your work meetings or videos. Rather have an area already established with the backdrops and lighting ready for you just to sit/stand there and use. This is a great way to save time and energy. For this space you want to make sure you have the right lighting, backdrops and accessories as this is what people will see besides yourself and will be an extension of your persona. So you want to put some thought into this and create an environment that amplifies your identity.

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Music is a must have, and great to have on hand so you can unplug and relax. So get some high quality speakers or music system that you can use while you work or when you are having a break.

Books, Art and Ornaments

These are items you want to include in your office. Books are great for self reflection, ideas and inspiration. Arts and Ornaments add that uniqueness and character to the space. They are also great because they will energise and motivate you.

Inspirational section - Wall of Ideas

You want a place in your office, maybe a wall or a corner where you draw inspiration from. You might have a white board where you write down your big ideas or have affirmations. Consider photos, art, quotes and objects that drive you and are moving. Remember this is a place where you draw courage from and reaffirm your decisions.


Men must have an office at home that is not only practical but also fashionable and upscale. A well-planned home office can offer a beneficial and relaxing workspace that fosters creativity, harmony, and impact. So you want to put some thought into your office and the details of how you are going to design it. This is an extremely enjoyable and fulfilling process and I hope that our thoughts give you some form of guidance and inspiration.

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