Why you should seriously consider having carpets

Why you should seriously consider having carpets
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When it comes to carpets we know they can be beautiful and add new dimensions to our living space. But we usually decide not to have them because of the cleaning and maintenance involved. Or it may be that you have looked at carpets before and did not really find them to be beautiful or appealing.

We are going to show why you might need to reconsider this approach to carpets from a design standpoint, in addition one may not have considered it but some carpets can even be viewed as investments, we will get into that later.

Is carpeting out of fashion?

Carpets are a strong part of our human history with the oldest known carpet being uncovered as far back as the 5th century B.C from a tomb of a Scynthian prince in Siberia. So I don’t think carpets will ever go out of fashion. What would go out of fashion is the styles and ways you use carpets. You can think of using carpets to create timeless concepts, or carpets that accentuate your design or your carpet may even be an art piece where you want it to stand out.

What is the purpose of a carpet?

The earliest uses behind carpets were for comfort when sitting on the ground and is still used for this purpose by many cultures. But it has also evolved into an element of interior design, art as well as an investment in some cases.

Carpet design concepts and ideas

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When looking to accessorise your living space with carpets you need to first of all decide where and how. Carpets can be placed in a lot of spaces of the house, from corridors to bedrooms and bathrooms; even along walls.

In terms of the style of carpet you can look at a variety of factors to help you in your decision. Are you looking for the carpet to compliment a theme you have for that specific space? Are you looking to add a cultural and traditional element to the design? In that case a traditional embroidered carpet could be an option.

You can also play with materials and styles to complement and add accents to your design. An example would be that you may want to add a rustic feel with a hide carpet.

A popular design like the shag rug, if strategically placed such as next to a fireplace can really set the mood.

Hand embroidered or investment grade carpets can be hung on a wall

Why are carpets expensive?

Why some rugs and carpets are expensive is because they are hand woven, using fine materials like wool and silk, and like paintings and antiques can have tremendous value based on which period of history, where and how they were made. You would find both Sotheby's and Christie's auctioning these collectable rugs and carpets.

Some key points to bear in mind when determining the value of a carpet

  1. Materials - Silk, for example is one of the more expensive materials that are used in high end carpets and may also require more intense work.
  2. Knotting density - This depends on the skill of the knotter. An experienced ‘knotter’ can make 10,000 knotts a day, taking more than a month to make a single square meter. So a two meter carpet of 500,000 knotts could take more than a year to make. You may find some well-known knotters sign their name on the outer side of the carpet.
  3. Place of origin - Persian carpets are usually very desirable.
  4. Design - Some designs are very intricate and may have a story behind them.
  5. Age - Although an old carpet can be more valuable, it is important to see that it maintains its vibrant colors and that it is well preserved.

In conclusion, like a piece of art on the wall a carpet can fill a bare space with something interesting or compliment a design you have of a specific room and should be something to factor into your living environment.

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