Why is there Vermouth in my Martini?

Why is there Vermouth in my Martini?

The martini cocktail is one of the most popular and cool looking drinks one can have when sitting at a bar. From the presentation to the variety of martinis one can order, no wonder the martini has such prominence when it comes to cocktails.

So as to the reason you came to this piece of content, what is vermouth doing in a martini?

‘Sweet’ vermouth is added to a martini to reduce the alcohol content of the drink and balance it out with its sweetness; as well as add other dimensions to the drink with its botanicals. A ‘short martini’ is an example of a martini cocktail with sweet vermouth.

‘Dry’ vermouth or ‘Extra Dry’ vermouth is added to martinis as well but the desired effect is going to be different to that of a ‘sweet’ vermouth. A dry vermouth does not have the sweetness, so this will bring out more of the botanicals and herbs of the vermouth, an ‘extra dry’ vermouth even more.

The difference between a Wet and Dry Martini cocktail.

An example of a Martini with dry vermouth would be a ‘Wet Martini cocktail’. A ‘Classic Dry Vodka Martini Cocktail’ would use extra dry vermouth. So the difference is a ‘wet martini’ uses dry vermouth while a ‘dry martini’ uses extra dry vermouth.

What is Vermouth?

Vermouth is a fortified wine infused with various botanicals depending on the recipe.

Do you have to have Vermouth in a Martini?

Not at all, There are numerous Martini cocktails that can be made without Vermouth. An example of this would be the ‘Dirty Martini Cocktail’, as well as We have placed a link below to some recipes done by Grey Goose.

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