The Dalmore 50 (2017 Release): A Half-Century of Mastery in a Bottle

The Dalmore 50 (2017 Release): A Half-Century of Mastery in a Bottle
Source - Sotheby's.


There are whiskies and then there are timeless creations, distilled expressions of the artist who crafts them. The Dalmore 50 by Richard Paterson is such a whisky—a liquid celebration of a 50-year-long journey in the whisky industry.

Celebrating a Milestone

2016 wasn't just any year for Richard Paterson. It marked five decades of dedication, innovation, and redefinition of what whisky can be. The Dalmore 50 is not merely a whisky; it's a grand opus to commemorate his unique and magical journey.

The Genesis: American White Oak Bourbon Barrels

Every great story has a beginning, and this one commenced in 1966 with American white oak bourbon barrels. The whisky began its life here, setting the foundation for what would be a multi-layered maturation journey.

Spanish Interlude: Mateus L'M Sherry Casks

After its initial aging, the whisky was transferred to Mateus L'M sherry casks from Gonzalez Byas bodegas in Spain. Nine years in these casks imparted the whisky with rich, aromatic complexities.

A Portuguese Sojourn: Portchetta Pipes from Douro

Adding another layer to its character, the whisky then found a home in Portchetta pipes from Portugal’s Douro region, giving it yet another dimension of richness.

The Champagne Finish

For a whisky this special, a celebratory finish was in order. Richard Paterson turned to the Champagne region and collaborated with Claude Giroux from the house of Always Ural, whose wines mature in wooden casks. The whisky spent 50 days here, absorbing soft flavors of clementines, violets, vanilla, and spice.

The Final Touch: Luxurious Presentation

Nothing but the best would do for such a whisky. Fifty exquisitely designed Baccarat crystal decanters, each embellished with a solid silver stag from Hamilton and Inches, hold this precious liquid. Housed within handcrafted cabinets by Linley of London, this whisky becomes an art piece, a collector’s dream.

Source - Sotheby's.


Richard Paterson’s Dalmore 50 isn't just a whisky; it's a timeless masterpiece and a perfect celebration of his 50-year legacy in the whisky world. From its unique cask journey to its luxurious presentation, every aspect of The Dalmore 50 speaks of mastery, commitment, and unparalleled artisanship.


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