Struggling to find your passion? do what is easy for you instead.

Struggling to find your passion? do what is easy for you instead.
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We hear this a lot, and I mean a lot; follow your passion!

What does this really mean? and how do you know what your passion is?

When we look at what our passions are, they are best described as sensations where you feel complete and fulfilled. A situation where you're in the present completely immersed in what you're doing. This is something everyone strives for and is also a continuous struggle of pursuit for many as a lot of people don't even know what their passions are, and if they do have a passion find that external circumstances limit us or constrain us in that process.

Where does passion come from?

We firstly want to dissect where passion can potentially come from. When something is easy for you to do or you are a natural at it where you far exceed everyone in that arena, that's an indication that that's something for you and that success tends to conjure up that sensation of passion.

One would note that there are scenarios where people have a strong passion for something but may not excel at it. I am excluding this aspect as they have already found their passion under different circumstances. Our aim is to discover a passion that we are good at, that is where the gold is.

Don’t stress out about finding your passion but find what is easy for you to do

The first step I would suggest in following your passion, especially if you don't know what your passion is, is to find what is easy for you to do personally. This is because whatever comes naturally to you is an indication that you're more than likely very good at it and is something that you may have a talent for. As you indulge yourself into what you have chosen, your success will cultivate your passion for it.

This also means finding easy ways for you to do things as you may like something but it may feel a bit forced and this takes the excitement out of it. By shifting your approach to how you tackle certain tasks, from struggling to finding an easier way to do them; you will enjoy it more and don't risk losing motivation or passion for what you are pursuing.

It does take a mindset shift, that through self-discovery by trying different things you will find there are things that you naturally excel at. In most instances it's very rare to pinpoint exactly what your passion is, you may need to stumble across it. When we look at people who have founded successful companies and done great things it's been a process for them, where they've come across something randomly through trials that they found themselves to be very good at and that propelled them forward in that particular space.

You don’t want to struggle

It is never enjoyable being last in something or struggling against other people who are better than you and that is why it's very important to identify things you're good at or that are easy for you because that will develop into your success and passion will come with that, it is a positive feedback loop in that respect.

This approach does not only have to be used for your purpose, but also other aspects of your life, like where and how you want to live. Aligning your pursuits with how you want to live your life will also help you in uncovering what you are passionate about.


This is a very difficult topic with no clear answers, and to be honest I don’t think anyone can give a clear to do list on how to find your passion. Mainly because every human's life is unique with their own thoughts and circumstances, that it is a process of complete self-discovery. They key would be getting into a mindset of experimentation as you don’t know what you like if you have never tried it. You want to make sure your purpose is symbiotic with your lifestyle, to increase the likelihood of realising your true passions, as well as going for things that you find easy or are natural to you.

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