LinkedIn Online Personal Branding: How to Be Noticed Like a Boss

LinkedIn Online Personal Branding: How to Be Noticed Like a Boss
LinkedIn has one of the fastest growing user rates on social media with people who are there to do business. (Photo by Bastian Riccardi)

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in the world and offers a special chance to connect to a global audience who are there to learn, interact and do business. So let's get started by discussing the value of personal branding on LinkedIn, how to build your brand, write a personal brand statement, and post content to engage your audience - all the while keeping things interesting and fun.

Why is LinkedIn good for Personal Branding?

LinkedIn is the ultimate playground for professionals, with over 750 million users worldwide who are there to learn, connect and do business. It is one of the social media platforms with the highest rate of use in recent years.

The source shows that LinkedIn has had one of the largest rates of growth in usage.

Starting off as a professional networking site, LinkedIn has expanded into offering content creation instruments, sales tools and more. But what makes it a great place to build a personal brand is its foundations were built on individuals showcasing their professional credentials and the ability to connect with peers, alumni, future employers and potential business partners. This footing is what makes Linkedin a great mechanism for building a personal brand for your profession or business.

How to brand yourself on LinkedIn

It is important to know what are currently the main areas you need to fill out in your LinkedIn bio and how to do it.

Photo and Banner Image

These are the visual aspects of the profile where you want to make sure they set the tone! Choose great photography that shows you killer style. The banner image gives you room to add words and visuals, so you can design a visual banner that has some keywords and imagery. In addition the profile picture section also has the ability for you to put a quick video on as well. Ideas for a cover photo could be industry related or something that shows off your natural personality.

(We discussed in other articles how you can amplify your personality through hobbies and also the importance of understanding perception. These articles will give a good insight into ways you can tap into your authentic self.)

Ways you can improve your personal brand
What are some ways you can improve your personal brand? By understanding perception, using personal presentation and digitising it effectively.
How to choose a hobby
When deciding on a hobby you have to see how accessible it is, whether you want to use it for socialising and the time and investment required.
Useful Tip - Turn on creator mode.
This is important as your content and profile will be accessible to everyone. In addition you can add hashtags in your bio profile that highlight what you talk about.

Create an appealing headline

You want your headline to be catchy and make an impression. Use keywords that you want to show up for and add to it some element of your personality.

How to write a personal brand statement for LinkedIn

Your personal brand statement can be placed in the 'about' section of your LinkedIn page.

Write something that pops and is memorable, so structure and simplicity is important. We live in a noisy world and you want to bear that in mind as you want people to absorb what is necessary.

Here are some tips that can help!

It does not have to always be about success

People want real! Sometimes when it is too good, it may come off as inauthentic. You may want to highlight some experiences and how they molded you. Maybe, you don’t have a stream of successful corporate jobs behind you, so write about what brought you to where you are. These are just some ideas on how to be unique, authentic and maybe flip the script on what is typically done on LinkedIn.

Describe Your Unique Selling Point

Use your strengths, values, and career aspirations to craft a catchy and memorable statement that distinguishes you from other experts in your field. People like to know what brought you to where you are, but also where you want to go; remember people are attracted to ambition.

Brief and Simple

Keep it simple and stay away from jargon. Your summary should be punchy and capture all the main points about yourself and what you do in a digestible way. Make it engaging and memorable, boring is never remembered so take the opportunity to experiment on this blank canvas and see what fits you.


Punchy language creates intrigue and excitement. Make your personal brand statement stand out by utilising unique language and writing styles!

Feature your skills and experience

Similar to a CV, highlight the things you have experienced and showcase your skills. Interestingly Linkedin has added a take a career break option in the experience section. This shows you that it does not just have to be about work but also personality. So bear this in mind where you can add other things beyond work and business that show other facets of your life.

Remember also search engine optimisation exists for LinkedIn, so you want to work in keywords into your experience and titles that you want to show up for when people search for you.

Posting and interacting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a few ways you can engage with your audience, be it through posts, articles, comments, newsletters as well as endorsements and recommendations. These are all tools you can use to build a following and make connections with people.


The fact that you are looking at using LinkedIn to develop your personal brand is a valuable step. It is good to understand the platform as it is very different to other forms of social media; in the types of audiences that are on LinkedIn, to how you communicate and engage with people and companies. LinkedIn is a robust tool for personal branding and communication with many ways to develop yourself from video posts to thought leadership articles. Just start! and develop your brand as you go along.

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