How to choose a hobby

How to choose a hobby
Hobbies end up being a part of you who you are. (Photo by Pixabay)

You must have hobbies or activities in your life!

They can be an outlet for you, a way to gain inspiration, fuel your ambitions, connect with people or give yourself room to reflect on things.

Hobbies are part of having a well rounded existence and creating an equilibrium that can actually elevate other aspects of your life. To elaborate on this, just purely focusing on work may feel like the best route for you, but maybe adding a session of whatever hobby you choose and getting some time away from work may improve things in the professional department. It also offsets any turbulence one particular part of your life may be having.

The other benefits of hobbies are the ability to interact with people that have similar interests. Hobbies are also a way to have some alone time and connect with yourself and the well being aspects of hobbies are all reasons for one to consider implementing them as part of your lifestyle.
In addition, it also adds facets to your character that are beneficial to you on a personal or professional level. In a sense your hobbies become an extension of you and the way you express yourself in the world

So how do I choose my hobbies?

You don’t have to stick to one hobby

A hobby does not have to be about choosing one activity and sticking to it. You want to take the opportunity to explore the weird and wonderful and let the cream rise to the top. The path forward would be to take the time to try a few different hobbies and see what you gravitate towards.

You can have more than one hobby, this keeps things interesting and can fill the gaps for certain hobbies that you may not be able to do as frequently.

Try hobbies you may have never considered before. You never know, you might actually like them!


You have to weigh and measure the hobbies you love and how accessible they are to you. It’s not to say that you should only focus on hobbies that you can do frequently, but you want to have something that you have an intention of repeating. If I take scuba diving as an example, maybe due to geography or other factors it may not be a hobby that you can do regularly; but if you have a passion for it and intend on repeating it, you can invest time into scuba diving and find other hobbies that you can do as well.

Alone time, socialising or both

Do you want your hobby to be an opportunity for you to interact with people with like minded interests and develop new social circles? Is it something you want to use to give you some alone time, or both? This is worth looking at when deciding what to choose, as dancing would be highly interactive whereas fishing may be more solitary, so deciding whether you want to spend your time with people or alone is something to factor in.

Time and Investment

Time is important in measuring whether you can manage your hobby in line with other aspects of your life. A hobby you would want to do more frequently would ideally be something that you can manage to fit into your calendar quite easily. Hobbies that take more time may be something you should do sparingly.
Investment is something to bear in mind, as some hobbies may require capital, such as motocross or golf. So depending on your level of interest and budget you have to identify how much it would cost to start that hobby. If you have contacts that already engage in that hobby, they may be able to share their insights or give you the opportunity to try it out with them, in order for you to make a decision. You could also reach out to clubs or associations for guidance.

Hobbies are a fantastic way of expanding your personal and professional network, developing your personal self and can be a good tool for self discovery.

In terms of personal brand, hobbies can be an important factor. We explained the psychology behind this in our article below, which indicated how people's perception of you can be impacted based on your activities.

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