Cohart: Reframing the Distribution Dynamics of Art – An Interview with Co-Founder Kendall

Cohart: Reframing the Distribution Dynamics of Art – An Interview with Co-Founder Kendall

The World of art often feels less like a magical creative industry, and more like a labyrinth – muddy and difficult to navigate. Every aspect of it, and every group that participates in it from the artists to the viewers to the galleries, are tainted and rife with politics and middlemen. However, a fresh wave is sweeping over the art community that involves decentralizing the buying, selling and curation of art.

We sat down with Kendall Warson, co-founder of Cohart, a platform that is changing the way the art world comes together online, to discuss their mission to create an interactive and direct community for artists, curators, and collectors.

A Mission to Create Community

From its inception, Cohart has been on a mission to create a unified space where artists, curators, and collectors can freely interact and connect.

Decentralizing the Art Space

What sets Cohart apart is its commitment to disruption and decentralization of the “traditional” art world. The platform allows artists to bypass the traditional gallery system and directly sell their artworks to fans, collectors, and taste-makers. Artists can now directly engage with their audience, circumventing the politics and high fees often associated with galleries.

Empowering Curators

For curators and taste-makers, Cohart is not just another social platform but an empowerment tool. Outfitted with features specifically designed for curators, the platform serves as a digital canvas where they can arrange, categorize, and even analyze various artworks, and share their perspectives on the pieces. This facilitates them in providing a unique experience for their audience while also broadening their own digital footprint.

A Paradise for Collectors

Cohart offers a rich, diverse catalogue of artworks for collectors, ranging from the work of established artists to rising stars in the art world. Collectors not only have a wide selection but also have the unique ability to engage with other collectors based on publicly displayed collections.

A Discovery Instrument

One of Cohart's most innovative features is its 'Discovery Tool.' This tool serves as a way for users to discover, or further explore, their own tastes, by leveraging algorithms to suggest artists based on individual preferences, collections, and areas of interest. Imagine a space where you not only find what you love but also discover art that you didn't even know you would appreciate. That's what the Discovery Tool aims to do.

Building Community Through Showcase

Cohart is not just about buying and selling; it's also a platform where individuals can showcase their art collections. By publicly displaying collections, we are fostering elements of community, engagement, and interest in the art industry. This aspect not only makes the art world more accessible but also allows for a cross-pollination of ideas and styles, enriching everyone involved.

Future Prospects

When asked about the future, Kendall is optimistic. There are several exciting features in the pipeline designed to further engage our community. It is not just a platform; but an ecosystem that serves the art world in a holistic manner.


Cohart is poised to redefine the traditional dynamics of the art world. With its focus on community, direct engagement, and innovative tools, it is tearing down barriers and constructing a new, inclusive future for artists, curators, and collectors alike.

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