How to Choose the Perfect Destination for Your Next Hideout - Inspired by James Bond

How to Choose the Perfect Destination for Your Next Hideout - Inspired by James Bond
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Watching the 007 films, one would say nothing is more captivating than the destinations we find Bond in, from isolated beach towns to exotic spice markets. There always seems to be a setting where you find 007 doing some R&R that is just so inviting.

As a note, the 007 films are not the only movies to use choice of location to add intrigue and mystery to the character. Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, similarly showed Roy Miller’s (Tom Cruise) secret hide out as a deserted island. So there is some synergy in the idea that one needs a place or a few places that you can escape to and just re-calibrate.

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One thing that did come to mind when looking at 007 choicest locations, was the term ‘barefoot luxury’. Barefoot luxury is defined as comfort and elegance in a comfortable setting.
We are going to look at what the indicators are when choosing a hideout travel destination inspired by 007.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The first thing to bear in mind is that the location needs to suit your appetite and requirements. Bond chooses his locations where he is unreachable and has them more widely spread across the map, because of his profession he has global access. So when choosing our destination we need to know what setting we like; could it be isolated beaches? tropical landscapes? Urban environments or a Mediterranean town? The choice of location has to be paired with your requirements; for example do you need to be close to a certain geo location? Or does the location have to have some specific infrastructure requirements?

Unique and Exotic

We always find Bond in exotic and unique locations. Whether it is the isolated beach town of Fethiye in Turkey or the Taj Lake Palace in India, the chosen locations always push our boundaries of what is out there. So when identifying locations; research and explore new destinations, it may surprise you what you find.

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Always something different

Bond always keeps things interesting, he is never just in one location but has a variety of options scattered across the globe. One should try to emulate this and keep being adventurous in your search. 007 being an international man is not limited to one type of setting, this adds to his character as being someone extremely adaptable and competent.

You need things to do in your location

The choice of location should be chosen with the thought that there are things for one to partake in. Whether it is socializing, playing poker or sailing; you want to have some activities to do for your own R&R, so you avoid being stuck at home and stagnating.

In conclusion, When selecting a hideout travel destination, the concept of barefoot luxury, which emphasizes ease and elegance in a pleasant atmosphere, can be a helpful guide. To avoid boredom and stagnation, it is important to keep in mind that the site must suit your needs and appetite, as well as also have something to offer.

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